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Name & Security Badges

A wide range of Vistors Books, Name Badges, Security Badges, Lanyards , Badge Reels and Swipe Card Holders. How To Choose Name and Security Badges? There are many types of badges and the choice usually is dependant on the price you want to pay and whether you want them to be reused or not. Drop Level Badges: For simple replacement of inserts. Ideal for conferences meetings and exhibitions comes with a crocodile clip. Combi Badges: Usually front and side opening for insertion of card, with both pin and clip fastening. Pin Badges: Usually the cheapest option, and normally has side or front access for inserts. Fastening by a pin, which is usually curved to avoid injury. Crocodile Clip Badges: Easily attaches to garment and less likely to cause any fabric damage. Self Laminating Badges: For the more security conscious can only be used once. Access to the insert can only be made by pulling apart the film. Security Badges: can be colour coded and come in a variety of different styles. Although they come with clips they are usually worn by using lanyards or neck chains. Some come with magnetic card holders. Badge Reels: A practical solution for security passes and badges. The reels can be secured to a belt and rewind automatically.

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