Inkjet Printers and Multifunction Ink Jet Printers.

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Inkjet Printers & MFPs

Inkjet Printers are versatile machines particularly suited for producing complex colour documents such as photographs. Fine droplets of ink create excellent output on plain, glossy and photo paper. Multifunctional Machines/MFPs at the very least comprise of a printer, scanner and copier all in one. A fax machine is a common facility in many new MFPs. Having a multifunction unit saves space over having three or four separate devices, and also delivers financial savings for business. Things worth concidering before purchasing are the resolution, whether it has a ADF (automatic document feeder) whether it has a duplex facility (Double-sided printing. Great for cutting down on paper usage, and creating booklet) and speed. The various brands here include Canon, HP, Epson, Samsung and Brother.

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