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Eurostationers Articles: Vistaplan

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Vistaplan Plan Racks

Eurostationers.com becomes a major distributor for Vistaplan products. We are confident that you will receive the best prices available on-line. Vistaplan are a UK based Company which have been established for over 50 years as leader in the production and supply Drawing Management Systems. At www.eurostationers.com you can buy all Vistaplan’s products. The wide range of items includes; plan hangers, plan racks, plan trolleys, plan chests, plan cabinets, plan strips and drawing boards in all size.

Graphics Arts and Supplies:

Drawing Boards:

A0 Drawing Boards                                 A1 Drawing Boards                             A2 Drawing Boards

   A0 Drawing Board                        A1 Drawing Board                     A2 <a class='art-class' apath='drawing-boards' cval='3414' href='#'>Drawing Boards</a>


Plan Filing and Storage:


Plan Filing & Storage encompasses a range of plan hangers, plan filing trolleys, wall hangers, plan filing cabinet, suspension tape and drawing tubes. Plan Hangers are available in A0 or A1 and with or without handles. The plan hangers can hold up to 100 drawings. Plan hangers come in a pack of 2 from Vistaplan or a pack of 10 from Q-Connect. Plan filing cabinets from Vistaplan can hold up to 800 drawings and the wall carriers up to 10 hangers. The mobile carriers are able to hold up to 25 hangers in the Q-Connect range and up to 20 in the Vistaplan range.


Plan Hangers & Carriers:

       A0 and A1 Plan Hangers

         A0 Plan Hanger    


 Plan Chests:

       Plan Chest


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Visit us now and save ££££’s on all Vistaplan drawing management systems. Look out for our special bundle deals on plan hangers, trolleys and plan racks. We guarantee you will not find any of the Vistaplan bundles available cheaper anywhere in the UK (terms and conditions apply)

Drawing Storage:

Larger documents often require careful storage especially created by hand or using a plotter. In addition to careful storage, consideration needs to be given to security and prompt and precise access. Lockable storage and filing systems or logical arrangement needs to be employed.

vistaplan-planrack.co.uk supply a range of document storage products.

By larger documents we mean documents that are A0, A1, A2 and A3 size, remembering that as the number following the A gets smaller the paper size gets bigger.

There are two main ways to store such documents:

By suspending them and storing the suspended documents in fixed or mobile drawing cabinets

By storing them in drawers in specially designed drawing cabinets (sometimes called plan chests) or plan racks and plan trolleys.

Suspending Documents:

There are two ways in which documents may be suspended:

Fixing hanging strips to the document. Hanging strips are normally made of heavy-duty plastic, often polypropylene, to which the document can be attached by adhesive tape built into the strip. The hanging strip contains several holes that line up with the prongs in the storage unit.

Since the hanging strip is fixed directly to a single document this system is ideal where ready access to an individual document is required.

Plan Drawing Hangers are spring-loaded grips that can hold up to 100 sheets of paper - the number of sheets depending upon the thickness and quality, hence the weight, of the paper. The loaded drawing hanger is suspended in a storage unit.

Storing Suspended Documents:  Plan Cabinets

There are several means of storing suspended documents, depending upon the access requirements, office space and security. These units are called Drawing Cabinets or Plan Filing Cabinets and normally only store documents suspended by means of hanging strips or drawing hangers.

Plan Cabinets can be made from wood or metal and may also be lockable, thus providing a degree of security for sensitive documents. As a safety feature, some plan cabinets are fitted with anti-tilt feet that automatically extend and retract when the door is opened and closed.

Open Framework Drawing Cabinet: Where security is not an issue this design can prove an economic alternative; these are normally fixed to the floor to provide added stability

Plan Filing Trolleys, fitted with castors, can store suspended documents and the whole unit can then be easily moved around the office.

Wall Mounted Storage of Documents

In addition to the plan filing cabinets and plan filing trolleys, there are carriers on which suspended documents can be fixed to a wall and the suspended documents supported in the prongs. Commonly known as plan racks.

Storing Documents in Drawers:  Plan Chests

Plan chests can be made from wood or metal and can consist of varying numbers of drawers - generally from six to ten drawers. The drawers can usually accommodate paper up to A0 size. For greater flexibility some plan chests have eight drawers holding documents up to A1 size with a further four drawers for A0 documents. Other variants have eight drawers holding documents up to A2 size with a further four drawers for A1 documents.

Plan chest also offer secure document storage since most of them have lockable drawers.

Plan chests normally have drawers down to the ground but other designs are raised on legs.
However you create your documents secure and protective storage - and ease of access - are important considerations. Fortunately there are a wide range of options available.

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