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Eurostationers Articles: Planners diaries and organisers

Please browse the articles below hope it will help you to select the products you are looking for.

Planners, diaries and organisers

Planners, diaries and organisers are very important tools for businesses and individuals. At eurostationers.com there are a variety of yearly planners, monthly planners, diaries and organisers to choose from.

Desk Diaries:
Available brands include Letts, Collins and Q Connect. Desk diaries come in various size formats from A5 to A4 and come as Day per Page, Day to two Pages, Week to View and Two Days per Page. Depending on your usage they come with timings (Appointment Diaries) or without and are generally available in Blue, Burgundy (Red) or Black.


Academic Diaries:
Available both in A5 or A4 usually run from July to July except Letts Academic diaries which run from July to August.

Slim Pocket Diaries:
Slim pocket diaries are still widely used and are available in week to view, month to view with and without appointments and can be landscape or portrait format. A very popular diary amongst teachers and students is the week to view academic pocket diary from Collins.

Diaries in general are still widely used even with all the electronic diaries, PDA’s etc. that are now available. The reason we guess is due to the ease of use and at glance information such as International holidays, UK Bank Holiday, units and measures maps etc. There are also specialist diaries such as Leadership Diaries by Collins and other business executive diaries.


Wall Planners:
Wall planners are available in various sizes and come mounted or laminated. They available as Year Planners, Fiscal Year Planners, EU Planners, Academic Planners, Staff Planners and Holiday Planners.

Day Planners allows you to view a full 7 day week and allows you to record events on a daily basis throughout the year.

Staff Planners allows you to record and view holidays, sickness and absenteeism at a glance and generally covers up to 40 staff and usually runs from Monday to Friday.

Annual Holiday Planners:
Gives a week by week chat of the year with space to plan anything up to 33 staff or projects.

12 Month Planners:
Ideal for project work or for cutomised planning of any 12 month period. This planner comes with days and months only and is not dated.

Fiscal/Academic Planners:
Usually feature UK holidays and PAYE week numbers on the fiscal side.

Apart from these standard planners there is a huge range and type available at eurostationers.com; Magnetic year planners, Linear planners, 53 week planners, 6 month planners, giant year planners and magnetic year planners.

Organise your projects, premium payment schedules, investment maturity dates, daily things to do, birthdays, anniversaries and other important matters. Planners are a powerful tool allowing you to organise you daily tasks.


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