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Eurostationers Articles: Office seating

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Office Seating

Office seating is usually an area which people rarely take too much time to consider properly, even though it’s the place where most people spend most of their time working in. Choosing a correct office chair can alleviate so many problems that back pains, leg pain etc. that can occur from sitting too long in a chair that is not designed for such use. Buying a good office chair can help a company to become more efficient and have fewer people going sick leave due to back pain, neck pain and other related problems. If someone is comfortable sitting in a chair they get far more work done than someone who is always fidgeting to get comfortable all the time.

Eurostationers.com has given some basic guidelines below to help you choose the right office seating for your office;

  • Office Chair with Back Angle Adjustment Adjusts the movement of the back to move with the body and give full back support while working. Back angle can be locked or left in free float which then gives "Permanent Contact" or "PC back".
  • Office Chair with Multi-Tilt Action With this function, both the seat and back angles can be adjusted independently optimising the whole body position. 
  • Office Chair Back Height Adjustment This allows you to adjust the position of the backrest to where it feels most comfortable and gives best support. 
  • Office Chair with Inflatable Lumbar The lumbar support can be increased or decreased by the user to maximise lower back support and be tailored to each individual user.
  • Office Chair with Seat Slide A seat slide enables the user, particularly with longer legs, to adjust the seat depth to give additional support to the back of the thighs.
  • Office Chair with Seat Depth Adjustment.  This function enables the user to increase the depth of the seat while keeping the back angle the same. The increased support aids blood flow to the legs and caters for users with longer leg length.
  • Office Chair with Tilt Tension This type of office seating allows you to adjust the tension of reclining movement to suit your body weight.
  • Office Chair with Tilt Action A reclining tilt action with fixed seat and backrest angles lockable in the upright position.
  • Office Chair with Synchronised Movement Adjusts the seat and backrest angles in a synchronised movement with a ratio of 2.5 degrees back to 1 degree seat.
  • Office Chair with Height Adjustment Armrests Height adjustable arms enable the user to adjust the arm to their most comfortable position. In some cases arms may swivel inwards or outwards. This type of arm is best suited for keyboard operation and further lessens the effects of RSI.
  • Office Chair Fixed Armrests Armrests help support the arm and reduce tiredness.
  • Office Chair with Seat Angle Adjustment This adjustment lets you tilt the seat forwards or backwards to find a comfortable seat position.
  • Office Chair with Seat Height Adjustment Allows the user to move the chair to a height which gives support to the legs whilst, comfortably resting their feet on the floor.


This basic guide will help in assessing your needs for office seating but if someone spends a lot of time in a chair there are other things to consider in addition to this. Most seating will give you an idea of the time that you can spend in a specific office chair. But there is a chair which is deigned for sitting in for 24 hours. This is generally one of the most comfortable office seating available, but it does not mean you can sit in a chair for 24 hours without getting up. You do need to get out of your chair every now and then to get some movement in your body and allow blood flow. If you require any further assistance or advice why not call eurostationers.com.

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