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Eurostationers Articles: Multifunctional Printers and Fax Machines

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Multifunction Printer And Fax Machine

There are three main types of printing technologies that are widely used in the market when it comes to Fax Machines and Multifunctional Printers and at eurostationers.com we cover all these types. Printing and faxing are probably one of the largest costs in some of office environments. Costs are not just related to buying the faxes or multifunction printers, but also in running them. The related costs can include, ink cartridges, toner, other printer consumables and time.

The choice of multifunctional printers for users looking for a small SoHo machine, or a powerful departmental machine is rapidly increasing. Multifunction machines today not only usually offer simple fax facilities but also printing, scanning, photocopying and video/photo capture. To help you decide which machine will best suit your needs you need to consider two important factors; namely the speed you require from your machine, and your level of usage. You should not only consider your requirements from a machine at the current time, but also take into account any possible future expansion.

Fax Machines: Fax Machines are required by most businesses still and still offer the best and quickest way to send printed documents. The main features to look out for in a Fax Machine is the modem speed Kbps for quicker the transmission speeds and whether it has an ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) for sending multiple documents instead of standing there feeding one at a time, if your usage happens to be high this will save a lot of time. Fax machines are available as standalone.

The original print technology for fax machines, thermal, uses heat to transfer the message to the paper. This is done by either heat transfer onto special fax rolls (this is not often used in new machines), or by thermal ribbons (TTR) which can transfer the message onto ordinary plain A4 paper. Thermal Multifunctional Printers or Fax Machines are generally cheaper than other print types, but the cost per fax is higher due to more expensive consumable costs. Thermal Multifunctional Printers or Fax Machines would be a good choice for infrequent low volume use, where the documents sent are mainly text. Thermal Multifunctional Printers or Fax Machines are monochrome only. 

Thermal Machines                                                                          Ink Jet Machines                                                        Laser Machines

thermal fax machine                                     Ink Jet <a class='art-class' apath='fax-machines' cval='6188' href='#'>Fax Machines</a>                                             Laser <a class='art-class' apath='fax-machines' cval='6188' href='#'>Fax Machines</a>

If you desire an all in one solutions then most Multifunctional Machines now come with an integrated fax.

There are two main types of Multifunction printers which are outlined below:

Inkjet Multifunction Printers- Inkjet machines are a good choice for people who may send or receive documents containing graphics, but are likely to be infrequent users. The print quality is higher, but consumable costs can be expensive if the machine is used for high volume transmissions. Inkjet machines can be either mono or colour. Most companies now make multifunctional machines that include a fax facility and they include Brother™, Kodak™, Hewlett Packard™, Canon™ and Epson™ being amongst the most popular.

Laser Multifunction Printers - Laser Multifunctional Printers are the perfect choice for a heavy usage departmental where only mono print is required. Laser offers the fastest print speeds and highest quality, and has a low cost per page based upon the cost of consumables. Companies which make multifunctional machines that include a fax facility are Brother™, Samsung™, Panasonic™, Hewlett Packard™, Canon™ and Epson™ being amongst the most popular.

                                            Inkjet MFP                                                                                                                            Laser MFP

                                 Inkjet MFP                                                           Laser MFP

The following points will be useful to analyse before making your fax machine purchase:

Print Quality -Look at the resolution of the print quality carefully. This can help decide whether a thermal, inkjet or laser machine would be best suited to your needs (see Print Technologies).

Fax Content - Are your faxes mainly text, graphics or both? Faxing graphics takes much longer than plain text so you will need to invest in a machine with a higher modem speed. If you receive faxes with text and graphics will you need to print these in mono or colour?

Who Do You Fax? - Do you fax the same locations frequently? If so consider the number of speed dials each machine has.

Amount of Use - Do you fax infrequently, or do you receive many high volume faxes during the day? This can be vital in determining your choice of machine, as the cost of consumables varies tremendously in terms of cost per fax depending on the print technology you use.

Fax machines using laser technology may be the most expensive in terms of hardware, but can mean great savings in the future on your consumable costs. Average Length of Faxes Sent - The longer the average document you send or receive, the higher the memory your fax machine will need, in order to speed up the faxing process. This can also affect the size of paper tray you require.

Document Types - Do you ever need to fax bound documents? If so, a flatbed option may be preferable to a plain paper feed fax.

Telephone Use - Will your fax machine also function as a primary business phone? If so consider a machine with a built in answering machine to ensure you don't miss that vital call.

Electronic Faxing - Will you be sending and receiving faxes directly from your PC electronically without the need for a physical copy? If so ensure your fax machine has PC fax compatibility.

Another important consideration is the need for multifunctional use. If you already have a scanner, photocopier and printer and merely require a machine to fax, then choose a standalone fax machine. However many users find a multifunctional machine can not only save space within the office, but also can be the perfect choice for home offices due to the variety of functions that they can perform. Another vital consideration if opting for a multifunctional machine is the primary use of the unit. There are two types of multifunction machine; fax led and printer led. This denotes what the primary function of the machine is, so consider whether you will be using the machine more frequently as a printer or as a fax.

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