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Eurostationers Articles: Computer accessories

Please browse the articles below hope it will help you to select the products you are looking for.

Computer Accessories & Storage

Computer Accessories and Multimedia Storage  & CD Wallets are an essential part of everyday life nowadays whether it be for business or leisure use. At eurostationers.com we cover all of these ranges.

Computer accessories encompasses are wide range of products; Back Supports, Screen Filters & Copy Holders, CPU Stands, Dust Covers, Computer Mice , Mouse Mats, Wrist Supports, Computer Speakers, Webcams and PC Headsets, Footrests as well as Monitor Arms & Keyboard Drawers. Most of the items such as Wrist Rests, Footrests, Back Support, Screen Filters. Monitor & Laptop Risers are essential for the health and wellbeing of individuals who use computers on a regular basis.

Wrist Rests are essential as without their support users can get carpal tunnel syndrome. But it is essentially supposed to be used as a “rest” between typing; somewhere you are meant to place your palm and heel of the hand, not the wrist. The use of a wrist rest whilst typing is not recommended and can cause damage to the wrist. These items should not really be called a wrist rest but a palm rest. You can rest your palm on a wrist rest whilst typing at the front of the keyboard but only when your fingers are above keyboard height and your fingers or hand are not being stretched whilst using this. There are many types of wrist wrests available at eurostationers.com

Further advice is available at the following site: http://www.cdc.gov/od/ohs/Ergonomics/compergo.htm#KEYBOARD

Footrests are essential in providing circulation and as well as with helping posture which can ease leg problems and back pain. The use of Footrests is clearly understated and are play an essential part in the ergonomics of your workstation. There are various types of footrest; tilting Footrests, adjustable Footrests and Footrests with massage balls built-in. There is a vast choice available at eurostationers.com Feet should never dangle unsupported from the floor or footrest. You should always take a break for 10 minutes every hour if possible.

Monitor Arms, Monitor & Laptop Risers should be used when a monitor cannot placed directly in front of the user, ideally 18 to 30 inches away. The use of monitor stands or monitor arms can also ensure the monitor is at the right height; ideally the top of the monitor should be just below eye level. The use of monitor arms and monitor rests, when used properly, can aid in the prevention of eye strain, neck pain and shoulder fatigue while using your computer workstation. Eurostationers.com carriers a wide range of monitor stands and monitor arms to help you choose the right one for you.

Further advice is available at the following site: http://www.cdc.gov/od/ohs/Ergonomics/compergo.htm#KEYBOARD

Computer screen filters have been known to significantly reduce visual fatigue; Firstly by the reduction in Critical flicker frequency (CFF), and the reduction in glare from light.

There are various types of screen filters available at eurostationers.com;
a) Privacy screen filters which help block the screen view from anyone viewing the computer screen from a side view. 3m’s unique privacy screen filters allows only the person directly in front of the computer to view the screen data clearly.
b) Anti-glare screen filters reduce the reflection on you computer monitor that prevents you from seeing the data clearly. As you have to look through the glare to see the data on the screen this causes eyestrain and headache at eurostationers.com we have a wide range of anti glare filters to help you prevent these conditions.
c) Screen protection filters. LCD computer screen are brighter and easier to view; however they are easier to scratch and damage due to the fragile screen surface 3M’s computer screen filters safeguard fragile LCD screens from scratches, fingerprints, scuffs and smudges.

Back Supports are again an essential part of any ergonomic workstation. There are many types of backrests available at eurostationers.com Ideally the chair that you use should have a lumber support, but if it doesn’t the back supports we have are an ideal solution. These back supports can be used to support either the upper or lower back which will help maintain a good posture and assist in elevating future back problems. Further advice is available at the following site: http://www.cdc.gov/od/ohs/Ergonomics/compergo.htm#KEYBOARD

Computer Mice and Computer Keyboards Wireless or Wired come in various types at eurostationers.com we carry over 42 different brands or types.

Computer Mice : a) Optical mice which have an optical sensor providing motion control with a need for a ball under the mouse. These come as simple basic optical mice or more ergonomically designed mice to help you work more comfortably. b) Trackball mice or optical trackball mice which have a ball on top whereby you do not need to move the mouse and it remains static, very useful where space is limited. c) Wireless Mice tend to come as a standard optical mouse and are handy are more maneuverable due to the technology. d) Mini optical mice are handy if you do not lime using the one integrated in your laptop. They are small and easy to carry around and very easy to attach when required. But as with all computer accessories that require constant use of the hand one should take care how the computer mice are used. Place your mouse, trackball, or other input device nearby, not too low, or too much on one side as this can cause shoulder, wrist, elbow, and forearm discomfort.

Computer Keyboards - Wired or Wireless also come in different guises: a) Standard keyboards which are corded with no hot keys or ergonomics. A value range of keyboard. b) Multimedia keyboards or keyboards with hot keys such as email, access to web etc. c) Wireless keyboards which can help create a cluster free environment without trailing cables over the desk. d) Keyboards with built-in Microban™ an antibacterial protection for active hygiene. Eurostationers.com carries four types of the Fellowes computer keyboards with Microban™ built-in. e) Wave keyboards that are supposed to aid in typing due to the ergonomics and style of the keyboard design. f) Spill resistant keyboards. If you are prone to accidents this may be right for you. The spill resistant keyboards give you a short time in which to clear any spillage on the keyboard so don’t end spoiling it and having to buy a new one. Some keyboards may have all or some of the above integrated into it. Further advice on the correct usage of keyboards and computer mice available at the following site: http://www.cdc.gov/od/ohs/Ergonomics/compergo.htm#KEYBOARD The use of copyholders can benefit you strain in the neck, arms and eyes if used properly.

The best copyholders to use are those copyholders that are attached to the screen or on a stand which can be kept at eye level. This will enable the user to keep a straight posture without having to look on the table when copying content for typing. The correct use of copyholders will also help you gain valuable desk space and at eurostationers.com we have many for you to choose from.

Mouse Mats are seen as a table accessory rather than what their real use is for. They are there to enable you to work with a mouse comfortably and easily. Mouse Mats come as standard or with built in wrist rests. As previously mentioned one should never operate a mouse or keyboard with your wrist resting on it as it can cause damage to your muscles. It is actually a “rest”. You may however use the palm or heel of your hand as longs as the movement dose not stretch your hands or fingers in anyway. Further advice on the correct usage of keyboards and computer mice available at the following site: http://www.cdc.gov/od/ohs/Ergonomics/compergo.htm#KEYBOARD

At eurostationers.com we have a wide range of computer speakers and web cams. Web cams are very handy if you want to converse with someone and make it more personal, like a family member or friend who lives abroad or locally. It’s also very handy for having business meetings online. Web cams have many uses including security. Web cams are available at different levels from the cheap entry level web cam to a more professional web cam which is particularly useful when clarity in picture quality is essential. Web cams can also be used to record videos or to chat when using MSN/Live™ Messenger, Skype™ etc…

Computer Speakers have come a very long way and at eurostationers.com we have small but good range of them from brands like Logitec, Labtec and Trust. The more high end computer speakers give great sound and are far better than those available in previous years. Some come of these computer speakers come with subwoofers and total RMS output of 42 watts. Many also come as space saving satellite design with iPod™ / MP3 and headphone connections with wired remote control. Please note that a sound card has to be built in to your computer to enable you to use any computer speakers. 

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