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Eurostationers Articles: Binding

Please browse the articles below hope it will help you to select the products you are looking for.

Eurostationers Articles: Fellowes Binding

Please browse the articles below hope it will help you to select the products you are looking for.

Binding & Laminating

Eurostationers.com provides a wide range of binding products. Some people however get confused from the vast array of choices between, comb binding, wire binding, coil binding, thermal binding, velobinding and GBC Click bind. To help you choose what right for you please see a brief description of each below:

Comb binding is the most cost effective method of binding. There are two types of machine that can be bought Comb Binder - Manual or Comb Binder - Electric.
You can bind the smallest document up to a 450 page report with ease. Documents open out completely flat making them ideal for presentations and very easy to photocopy. It’s also relatively easy to update documents by adding or removing them using comb binder. The binding combs are also re-useable. Most Binding Combs will cross fit all the brands available from Fellowes Binding Combs, Q Connect Binding Combs to GBC Acco Binding Combs. Binding Combs come in an array of different colours and are available as an A4 Binding Combs or an A5 Binding Combs.

Wire Binders are ideal for documents up to 140 pages. But unlike comb binding the binding wires are not re-useable. The documents remain completely secure by the use of Binding Wires and can be laid flat or turned through 360 degrees for easy reference and photocopying. This wire binding method creates a smart and business-like look. Wire Binders area available in Black, White and Silver.

Binding Wires                                                                                                                                                     Binding Combs

binding wire                                                                                        binding combs

Thermal binding produces neat and flat documents and are easy to store and carry around. Thermal binding is the ideal method when time is limited as it requires no initial preparation. All you have to do is place the loose paper in a thermal cover and wait for a very short time for the thermal binder to warm up, place the document inside and within no time you will have a smart permanently bound document. Thermal binding is ideally suited for up to 120 pages. Thermal Binders can only be used with specially made Thermal Covers which already has adhesive inserted into it already.

                                                                            thermal binding

GBC Click binding system allows you to quickly click open add and close again. To open the plastic back you don’t need any office tools, thanks to the little handy zipper, the job is done in an instant. The GBC click is unique to GBC and no other manufacturer makes such a system in the UK. GBC ClickBind 15 & Clicks are avaiable at eurostationers.com

Finally we have the Velobinding system, which is a low cost, low volume method of binding. With the GBC Velobinder & Strips documents can be easily updated by opening and reclosing the velobinding binding strips. One strip size covers all documents up to 200 pages. 

 gbc click bind                                                                                        gbc velobinder strip

When choosing your product don’t forget to look at the different types of binding Covers that are available, they come in two different sizes A4 binding covers and A5 binding covers. Binding & Report Covers are also available in the following finishes: Leathergrain binding & report covers, clear binding & report cover and various coloured binding & report covers.

                                                                                     binding covers

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