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Eurostationers Articles: Archive and Storage

Please browse the articles below hope it will help you to select the products you are looking for.

Archive & File Storage

Eurostationers.com carries a wide variety of archiving products to enable you to organise any office. They consist of Archive Storage Boxes, Storage Bags, Transfer Files, Magazine Files and Filing Units. We carry two main brands they are Q Connect and The popular well known brand Fellowes R-Kive. To assist you in choosing the correct item and help you get organised please go through the information we have provided below.


Archive Storage Boxes

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  storage boxes
Storage Boxes available with single, double or triple wall for extra durability and stacking strength. Select boxes available with Fastfold ™ or easy set up construction. Boxes that can be stacked to maximize storage space. Choose boxes with flip to lids, lift off lids or lock in lids.









transfer file

Transfer Cases and Storage Boxes

Can be used as a stand alone filing product or transferred into a compatible box or storage unit when access is required less regularly. Select transfer files available with Fastfold ™ or easy set up construction. Choose spine width based on the volume or storage requirements. Large label area for easy identification of contents.







Filing Units

filing rack
Desktop units available for regular access to contents. Floor standing units available for documents that need to accessed on a less regular basis. Units can be stacked to maximize storage space.








Magazine Files

magazine file
Upright files ideal for the storage of magazines and catalogues. Select magazine files available with Fastfold ™ or easy set up construction. Can be used on desktop, in shelving or in a storage unit. Large label area for easy identification of contents.

You will be happy to here that almost every products from the Q Connect and Fellowes R-Kive brands are made from 100% recycled materials.

For further assistance on archive and storage please go to the following link: http://www.eurostationers.com/catalogue/archive-and-file-storage

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